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Here at Business Advisory Centre, we understand that your water bill is a big chunk off your bottom line. Despite over 10 years of deregulation in the Scottish Water market, still many of the 270k SME operating in Scotland have yet to take advantage of this. Here at BAC Scotland, we are working with local businesses everyday to ensure they have access to the best Water & Waste deals in Scotland. And as we are an agnostic, independent advisory service, you can be sure we will secure a water supplier to suit your business needs with both great service & price! Working with all the major water suppliers in Scotland & England, we will save you time hassle and cash everytime letting you get on with running your business!

More than 1 in 4 UK businesses paying too much for Water supply

By joining Business Advisory Centre, we will not only ensure you have access to the best rates in the market, but you will be provided with a first class, local service aimed at taking the stress out of this side of your business. With over 40% of businesses still not taking advantage of an open water market, we can secure savings of upto 40% against the standard Scottish Water default tariff and upto 8% in the English market. We can also help you to manage and reduce your water consumption and efficiency equating to further savings as well as helping to reduce your carbon footprint!

Reducing your bill is simple and takes less than five minutes!

- - - Guaranteed to save money on your area default tariff - - -

Great Local Service ✓

Running a business needs your full attention. Choosing the right product and service providers is essential to keeping operating costs down and profit up. We all know how disruptive cold calls can be when we are trying to run our business and it is all too easy to get tied into lengthy and expensive verbal contracts over the phone. Only too often, business owners and managers are heckled into this type of contract without having the time to properly consider how good a fit the product or service is for their business. That is why we are redefining customer service, and taking it back to when you, the customer, mattered. With us you are not just a number or a random business. We do not operate any form of mass cold calling via outbound sales call centres where you are just a number. Our team are all locally based and want to get to know you, understand your business and its goals, and through this, they will ensure your business has access to the best products & services available in the UK.

Our specialist water & waste supply, review & audit service offers best in UK prices, no retail fees & we are experts at exploring other ways of reducing your water and waste costs. Wether you are in unmetered premises with high bills and low usage or need advice on how the recently published Live Rateable values will impact your business, our local team can help make this side of your business simple & hassle free. Find out more about how we have helped businesses of all sizes across the UK in our case studies section.

Paperless billing - better for the planet and your pocket (save over £40/year!)

Big Savings ✓

Our average savings* for 2021 to date is over £500, with some customers making 5 figure savings. Better still, the process takes less than 5 minutes to complete and you save £££'s whilst still having access to the same water.

Guaranteed no disruption to service

We take pride in going the extra mile for our customers and have tailored solutions to suit every business from single site to corporation, and when you consider it is still the same water, coming through the same pipes, is it time for change?

Our average savings against the standard Scottish Water tariffs for 2021: £406 (28%)

Same Water, Same pipes, so why pay more!

Ready to save? Click the 'Save Now' button below, fill in the simple form, and we will send you a no obligation quote on how much we can save you. Our service doesn't stop there either. We will look at your current water and waste set up and advise on any other means in which we can reduce your water and waste spend. Meters, better rates and paperless billing are just a few ways in which we can save your business £££'s!






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