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If your non-domestic premises (business, charity, club etc) receive water, waste and/or drainage services, you need to pay for these services via a water retailer, also known as a licensed provider (LP). Often new businesses or businesses, such as AirBnB properties that have changed from domestic to non domestic (commercial) purposes, are not registered correctly on the water providers systems meaning they are not billed for the service. When this happens, and a non domestic property is not paying for these water services, they are referred to as a Gap Site.


If your property has been identified as being a Gap site, you should receive a letter from Scottish Water or a water retailer detailing the steps required to register your premises for water and/or wastewater charges.


You will then have 15 business days from the issue date of the letter to choose a supplier (licensed provider/LV) and request to become their customer.

Many suppliers will place you on a tariff with no discount meaning you will in most cases, pay the default standard tariff rates for your region. This is the rate you pay with no discount. The charges will also be based on estimated volumetric and/or non volumetric charges calculated against the rateable value of your property. It is therefore essential that you speak to someone before making a decision on which supplier you choose to supply water services.


When you receive a Gap site letter, you can call one of our team who will discuss your options. They deal with lots of Gap registrations every month and will deal with the entire process on your behalf. We work with a number of licensed providers and we wll work with you to ensure that any estimated charges are calculated as accurately as possible. As well as securing a fair tariff for your business needs, we will also secure the maximum discount available in your region. To further protect you and your business from unfair charges and inaccurate bills, we will only place you on a temporary (normally 3 months) contract at the end of which we will review your actual water usage and then re-assess which tariff and supplier we place you with.


Ensure you contact us as soon as any supplier contacts you regarding Gap sites as there is a 15 working day window to choose a supplier, and secure a discount. We are completely independent meaning you will be placed on the best tariff available for your needs and we also have access to whole of market suppliers. We will also ensure your business does not incur any unfair back-charges and that billing only begins on the date Scottish Water allocate your premises with the unique identifier number, know as a SPID number (Supply Point ID)


The Gap process is as follows:


1. Your premises are identified as commercial/non-domestic and receive water/waste/drainage services.


2. Regional Wholesaler (e.g. Scottish Water) or Licensed Provider/Supplier sends letter explaining that premises are a Gap site giving 15 working days notice to choose a provider or one will be randomly allocated.


3. On choosing a supplier or being allocated one, the supplier then registers the gap site with the regional wholesaler who then allocate a Supply Point ID, often referred to as a SPID Number. At this point, the premises become liable for water and wastewater costs.


4. As the Scottish and English water markets are open, i.e. Deregulated, you are free to choose which supplier provides your water and wastewater services. Different suppliers offer different deals, discounts and have their own tariffs. By choosing a supplier and entering into a contract with them, you will normally be offered a discount that will remain in place for the duration of the agreement. By not choosing a supplier or entering a contract, you will be liable to pay for these services on deemed or default rates. This is the standard rate set by the local wholesaler.


If you have received a letter regarding a Gap site registration, get in touch by completing the form below or call our office on 0141 6117174 and we can help with independent advice on the most suitable options for you and your business.




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